Friday, December 5, 2014

Festive Friday with the Jacksons

Who: The Jacksons - Tom, Katy, Blake (5), Ally (5), Addison (1) and Bailey (1)

Location: The porch at Christopher's World Grille in Bryan, Texas

Clothes: The girls are in Old Navy and Blake's outfit is from Dillard's and Cavender's.

Designer: Nichole Quick of Quick Design Company

Photographer: Jenny Livingston with JML Photography

Katy's Comments: I wanted a traditional card, but I didn't want to use red and green because I wanted to be able to use the pictures in my house all year round. Black and white is always a safe bet and I really love the pop of red!

Katy's Favorite Thing: My favorite this about this card is that by some miracle all four kids are looking at the camera AND smiling!!!!! HAHAHA! With two sets of twins….this is almost unheard of!

Merry Mommas' Thoughts: Two. Sets. Of. Twins. We are going to repeat that. TWO. SETS. OF. TWINS. That is just awesome! And they are just darling! Way to go MOMMA! You are a rock star! Okay, now that we have discussed the two sets of twins (we can't stop saying that!) let's talk about this card. We love it. We love the kids outfits, they coordinate so well and it is cute to have the baby twins matching! And the smiles…sweet and genuine. We love the tie in of the old painted wood barn and the wood floor of the porch at Christopher's - great job Nichole! This card makes us smile, thanks for sharing Katy!

Be sure to check out our PINTEREST boards for more 4 sibling fun and barn wood!

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