Monday, August 31, 2015


Who: The Malnar Family - Justin, Meredith, Jackson and Andrew

Location: The park area adjacent to the Brazos Center. The location was suggested by our lovely photographer because it was a great morning location (our shoot started at 7:45 am) and does fall tones well. The bridge made an excellent backdrop.

We loved seeing y'all use the somewhat hidden park right behind the Brazos Center, it has the BEST bridge/wooden walkway ever! Merry Momma Cindy did a photo shot there with her three little ladies a few years ago. The bridge is just great!

Clothes: I was so proud of myself for really planning ahead for our outfits for this shoot. About a month before, I shopped online and bought everyone coordinating outfits. When the packages started arriving though, I realized my best laid plans were a major fail. The colors that looked to be complimentary on my computer screen clashed in real life, my top was ill fitting, etc. So without much time, I shopped our closets big time. I started with Andrew's green and blue plaid shirt and went from there. I think Jackson's shirt was the only thing we bought new and I believe it came from Target. 

Well, Momma Meredith, shopping your closet was a GREAT idea and you were WAY ahead of the curve on this one...PLAIDS! PLAIDS! PLAID! They are everywhere this year. And NAVY is always classic and timeless.
(And that navy and white plaid shirt has been in my cart at Target no less than 5 times, but I always put it back...I think I'm getting it next time!)

Momments: (As in Mom Comments) The tricycle and the way the boys interacted together on it played perfectly with the "Oh What Fun!" theme I had in my head. Having two small boys is loud, messy, crazy, exhausting, but ultimately so much fun. Capturing their relationship and the joy they bring to our family was my goal for this card and I feel like we achieved that!

The Merry Mommas LOVE a tricycle pic!

Designer: Me, with lots of "Oh What Fun" inspiration from Pinterest, Etsy, etc.

We played a bit on the internet too...we found these to be inspiring!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography (no longer taking new clients)

Merry Mommas' Favorite Thing: The boys are adorable (of course), the lighting is great and the smiles from all are so natural, but what we really love is that Meredith did the front vertical and the back horizontal. Way to not conform and do the norm! 


day dreams paper via Etsy

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