Monday, August 17, 2015

Peace from the Hawkins...

Who: Lizett, Jason, Casey and Noah Hawkins

Location: Lick Creek Park, College Station

Props: Jason's most prized possession was our only prop - his 15+ year old Takamine guitar. (I'm surprised he let me hold it ;))

Clothes: Boys are in Old Navy jeans and khakis. (Ummm, mommas, you are in luck because Old Navy is having a major sale that ends TODAY! Click that little link and shop til you drop. It's saving money!)  Casey's chambray shirt (Similar here and only $8!!!) and Noah's plaid button down (Similar here and only $10!!)  is also from Old Navy. Jason and I are in jeans form the Buckle and the boys' Fender guitar shirts are from the Lucky brand outlet store. My Counting Crows is a concert tee and Jason's Johnny Cash shirt is from Target.

Y'all. Let's pause and talk about this style - it's fun, it's trendy and most importantly, it's THEM. We love it. Great job, Momma. 

Momments: (As in Mom Comments) Music is a really big deal in our family. We listen to all types of music and love attending concerts as often as we can. Jason has played guitar for many years and we thought it would be fun to incorporate it into our theme last year. We used Galatians 5:22 as our voice of choice this year - it's a beautiful verse that is simple and very meaningful and ended up being the theme at our church for them Christmas season. Since we have a family with all boys it sometimes become challenging to come up with themes for our cards but we really had fun with this one!

Lizett, you accepted the challenge and you hit it out of the park. We love this theme and we love that you incorporated something so special to your family! That's what makes all the difference!

Designer: Nichole Quick of Quick Design Company

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography (no longer taking new clients)

Favorite Thing: My favorite thing is that it absolutely suits our personality as a family.

Us, too! We loved it soooo much that we had to put a little board together... 

All of these shirts are at Old Navy since they are having that awesome sale (TODAY!). We also found a few more at Kohls:

Blog: Lizett doesn't have a blog (although we would love it if she did) but she DOES manage to amazing event spaces in town! Downtown Bryan Events has two venues for holiday parties available. SEAD Gallery and the Grand Stafford Theater. They have partnered with a few caterers in town and have some awesome packages put together to make the planning as easy as possible. Email Lizett for more information!


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  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it? We love the idea of graphic tees -plus it may be easier to convince the family to wear that instead of the other outfits we pick out! Ha!

  2. Amazing pictures and adorable family! I love the rich colors. And the guitar was a perfect addition!!

    1. Didn't they do a great job of incorporating something they love into spreading holiday cheer (or peace)? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love this post! Your family is so cute!

    1. We love the Hawkins! Make sure to stop by again for more inspiration!


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