Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites: Edition Cindy

Hey friends! It's FRIDAY and you know what that means...we are linking up with A Little Bit of Everything,  Grace and Love and Momfessionals for FRIDAY FAVORITES.

This week is Edition Cindy - check out her favorite things from this week!


Y'all...I am becoming a Yogi. Okay, maybe not a Yogi, but I am really loving yoga these days. As you may remember, Katy and I did some yoga in Breckenridge and it was AMAZING!

Don't we look relaxed!

We loved it so much we convinced the kids (and the hubbies) to join us!

After our trip, Josh gifted me with 10 yoga classes for my birthday and I have about used them up. I love the relaxation part, the stretching part and the strengthening party. In fact, the girls and I are headed to yoga this afternoon, if you are in BCS come join us.

(And to read about our entire Breckenridge trip, click here,)


Around 1:30pm on Sunday we walked into our house and it was HOT. Really, really, really hot. We had been out of town since Saturday morning and I thought, "Maybe Josh turned the air way up while we were gone." I sweetly yelled through the house, "DID YOU TURN THE AIR WAY HOT?" He answered with a "NO." By this time I was near the thermostat. I looked up at it and y' said 94. Yep, you read that correctly, 94. A very very HOT 94. I panicked. Have you seen the price of a new air condition? LOTS. Lots and lots of $$$. Josh and I talked and discussed and then we called our friends at CLIMATE DOCTORS and less than 2 hours later our air conditioner was up and running!
It wasn't beyond repair (thank goodness) and they fixed it in a snap!
We cooled down to 81 by bedtime and the next morning we were back at our normal temp. 
So, if you need air conditioning help, call CLIMATE DOCTORS. They are great!


Cute, fun and easy to care for clothes - COUNT ME IN! I just love the Matilda Jane line of clothing and my girls love it too. In fact, we (the Merry Momma's) hosted a MJ Party last night. If you are interested in purchasing a few items, our party is still going on.

Here are the deets:
2. View items and click on an item you would like to add to your wish list. Select the size that you would like and then click "Add to Wish list"
3. Once you have added all the items that you would like to purchase, you can submit your wish list. Complete the "Your Information" section on the right. Be sure to include your mailing address, email address, and a good phone number. Our trunk keeper, Kristy Hamilton, will be contacting you to complete your order and to process your payment on the phone number provided.
4. Please send to Kristy by entering her email,, in the "send wish list to" section. You can also send yourself a copy. If you do not hear back from Kristy shortly please resend or forward to or
5. Please list CINDY or KATY as the "Jane" in the space provided.


May Designs combines my two most favorite things in the world - paper products and personalized items. There are tons and tons of cute designs to choose. If you are on my Christmas list act surprised when you get one of these cute products, mkay! And, don't be surprised if the Munson Christmas cards are from May Designs. I love her style, its clean and simple and cute. 


Tiny Prints is a always a favorite of the Merry Mommas, but when the email titled "Pssst...Sneak a Peek at the NEW Holiday Collection" popped in my in box and I clicked on it and this card
came up, my FAVE status just went up! Isn't this just the cutest card!!! I am in love, we may have to use this design and not the one from May Designs...or send two cards. [Decisions, decisions!]
And their cards are 25% off right now, so all you early birds could score a great deal and have one less thing to worry about during the hectic holiday months. (And I would be completely jealous of you, I have a concept in mind, but I can't figure out the clothes! {side note, there...sorry!})

Happy Friday Y'all!

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  1. Ok...those May design gifts!! I'm all kind of over that...these will make the greatest gifts and stocking stuffers! And that Tiny Prints idea..hmmm....that might just be a way for me to come up with a cute card without pulling my family together for a full photo shoot!

    1. Whatever works, friend! No one would even know! We say go for it!

  2. Some of your favs are mine too! I love May Designs, for the same reasons. They are so cute clean and personalized! I have just begun to think about Christmas cards and I have used Tiny Prints in the pass as well. Love the ability to put a bunch of photos together rather then just one! I have just followed on bloglovin, I blog at I hope you will stop by for a visit. I am new to this blogging thing and would love a few new followers! Enjoy your weekend ahead!
    xoxo Mickey

    1. hi Mickey - thanks for stopping by! We love anything that makes these holidays easier! We will make sure to visit!

  3. Thanks for the May Design recommendation! Just ordered the coloring book and scored a 20% off code! ;) Thanks, friends!

    1. Those coloring books are awesome! I may need a few!


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