Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WWDLW: Edition Hair

So this is an anti WWLW post, not necessarily something we hate, but something we don't particularly love.

(Well, I haven't actually confirmed this non-love with Merry Momma C, but let's go with it).


I do not love fixing hair.

And it's not that I don't love it - it's that I'm not particularly good at it, which is ironic because we have a lot of hair in this family.

I have mastered a few things: pony tails (both regular AND side) (I mean, clearly), piggies, top knots, the occasional hair tuck in a head band and of course the curl.

But then again, I've been using a curling iron longer than the people that will be freshmen in college this year have been alive. I know. #oldie

Oh and anything with "messy" in front of it. 

Occasionally, I will have a surge of hair crafting super powers and do something great in a mediocre kind of way.

Now don't worry about my girls - they are surrounded by people that do great hair. They come home all the time with fancy new dos and they actually prefer the "been running around all day while washing my hair with glue, glitter and paint supplies" look.  But now that Emmy is in kindergarten, her days of hair playing in class are done.

So I'm determined to learn a thing or two.

But then Pinterest is all...

Seriously. What happened to just an actual ribbon?

So I searched and searched and searched. An hour later I found two pins that I think I'm going to try...

Neither lead to a real webpage - or at least one that Pinterest would let me see without warning... but they look easy enough and should be a quick enough process that Emmy will sit still. 

And just as I was about to give up all this hair research, I found it...or rather HER. A mom that gets me (and starts her post with snarky sarcasm.)

You can find the actual tutorials here

Happy hair fixing friends!

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