Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites: Edition full of RANDOM

Hi's FRIDAY and I am like

It's been a long...long...long week! But who cares NOW?!?! It's the WEEKEND!

I have a random list of Friday Favorites, not really related to Christmas Cards, but enjoy anyway!

This is Brene Brown
Friends, enemies, everyone on the planet: GO READ HER WORK. She's just amazing. I first read Daring Greatly about a year ago and was moved by her words. She discusses vulnerability (which is a hard word for me to say and frankly a hard thing for me to practice) and well...just read it. And then she wrote another book, Rising Strong. I have listened to about half of it and WOW. Click here and here to get a feel of her work and story telling.

**How can I make this relate to Christmas**
BUY one of her books for a gift!

On a much lighter and more superficial note...have any of you tried tarte cosmetics? I recently bought this "smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder" and I AM IN LOVE. Y'all it's like putting the softest silk on your face. It is suppose to help with oily skin and large pores and it does, but moreover it just feels so good!

**How can I make this relate to Christmas**
BUY this as a Christmas treat for yourself! Everyone deserves baby soft skin!

Oh Pinterest!

So, I have an on and off again relationship with Pinterest. Sometimes we are tight and I visit her once or even twice a day...and then months will go by and we don't even talk. But here lately, we have been in a great groove. She has helped me with a new hair do and great tips on Disney.

**How can I make this relate to Christmas**

AND the MERRY MOMMAS have a Pinterest account!
Do you follow us? If not, you should! :)

And last but not least - FOREVER 21. I know, kind of shocking it's a fave...but this store is growing on me. I don't buy lots of things for myself there, but they do have a pretty cute selection of clothes for my gals. And most of it is pretty inexpensive.

Remember this post?
Here's the sweater most of you think Caroline should wear and it was only $15.90!

**How can I make this relate to Christmas**

Buy this sweater for a sweet gal in your life

And buy this Star Wars shirt for a handsome dude in your life!


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