Tuesday, October 27, 2015

An Update on Help!

Hi y'all! It's Cindy and I know you have just been dying to hear an update on what we wore for our Christmas card pics and I am happy to oblige! Click here to refresh your memory on our choices!

First a little update on the day... It was WARM! Maybe even close to HOT. We started setting up for the pics around 5:30 and it was about 95 degrees.  Dang that October weather! One day it's in the low 70s and the next mid 90s! Oh well! We (and I really mean my sweet hubby) pressed on. We had a rather extensive set up so he was just a tad sweaty by picture time. And I'm not telling you about the set up, you will just have to wait. :) Everything was set up and ready to go around 6pm and the lighting was just beautiful, the sun was setting and the girls were pretty well behaved. #bribeswereused #everytime #picsareimportant

Josh's outfit pretty much stayed the same. He actually had a cream undershirt, but opted not to wear it. #95degrees

I borrowed some cute boot socks (thanks, Kelly!) and Millie's outfit was complete. I ended up doing a single french braid with her hair.

Caroline wore outfit #3, the light denim jeans and fringe sweater. I found a cream waffle shirt that had a tiny floral print and it looked so cute under the sweater.We gave her two cute braids.

The front runner #2 won for Annaliese. I rolled up her sleeves to help her be a little bit cooler. And I think I may have switched her jeans, but I can't remember. #sorry #itsbeenawhile We kept her hair down in her cute little bob.

Now...on to me. I definitely subscribe to the #ifmommaainthappynobodyshappy and I just wasn't super happy with my choices. I spent a little (read hours) time online and then ended up running up to Old Navy the Saturday before our pics and found a couple of additional options. After lots of texts and pics to Katy I choose a plaid shirt #plaidisin, skinny jeans, my brown booties and the cream sweater. The temperature kept me from wearing the sweater, but I was happy and not too hot. #winning #happymomma

And now I am patiently waiting to see them! #okaynotpatiently And I can't wait to share the final product with all of you!

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  1. It never fails! Christmas card photos come around and I am dressing the family up like we are in a winter wonderland but it is really 95 degrees! The boys (all three of them) just love me for it! :)

  2. Hi Angela! We totally agree...next year let's all plan on taking our pics in summer clothes. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I can't wait to see the finished product! Eek! So exciting!


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