Monday, October 19, 2015

From merry to scary...

Halloween is right around the corner - so today we are trading in our merry for a little bit of scary. And don't worry, we focus all of our crazy on Christmas, so these are easy ways for you to make Halloween a SCREAM...

1. Ghosts and goblins are an easy way to add a little fright to your night! Our friend, Kim at Hunt and Host just did a super easy tutorial on making ghosts out of cheese cloth.

2. Bats and spiders and monsters - Oh my!! Merry Momma K made the cutest haunted bunting out of egg cartons, paint and pipe cleaners almost four years ago and she still hangs them up every year! This is seriously so easy and so much fun for the entire family. And you probably have everything you need at home!

3. Pumpkins! Halloween isn't the same without pumpkins and Holly just did a great PINspired post on EASY pumpkin hacks that everyone can do. (We love the way you think, Holly!) Check out her favorite pins and make sure to let her know which ones you try for yourself!

4. Bats, bats, bats and more bats! Andrea over at Momfessionals turned her home into a Halloween extravaganza and our favorite part is all the bats she hung on her walls! She made them from cardstock and just stuck them on with painters tape but the effect amazing!!! 

5. Ding dong... And you can't have a haunted house without a spooky entrance! This is seriously the easiest craft project you will do all year. There is nothing to wait for... just do it! 

How do you like to share the scary? We'd love to hear about your favorite Halloween decor tips!

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  1. I love the scary door (and the not-so-scary face peeking out from the window!). Thanks for featuring my pumpkin hacks - you gals are the best!

    1. Try not to get too scared when you drive by that house! AND...We loved all the things you found!

  2. Those cheesecloth ghosts are unacceptable.


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