Monday, October 12, 2015

Merry Feature: Queen In Between

Who: The Fabulous Family of our friend, Shelly

Location: Research Park at Texas A&M University

Props: Just their new pup, Dutch Buddy

Here is some of our favorite pins featuring fur babies... 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Clothes:  With one child already on her own and another playing college baseball (mommas note: this was last year - he has since signed with the... ASTROS. Y'all - isn't that AMAZING!?) picking a date for family pictures is really tough. I really only hire a photographer every other year but having great family pictures is important to me. The day could not have been more perfect. In Texas, we only color for like 3 days and we hit the park at the PERECT time for fall colors which worked perfectly with our wardrobe. See THIS POST for more info on how I pulled these outfits together.


Also. We are LOVING plaid! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Here were some of our favorite pics from the season...

Dad / Mom / Daughter / Son

And here were cards we loved that feature plaid...

day dreams paper via Etsy

Photographer: Sarah Burns from Butterfly Chaser Photographer (not taking new clients)

Card design: Nichole at Quick Design (Cindy and I passed like thieves in the night picking up our Christmas card orders... haha!)

MoMments: Having kids from a previous marriage has always made the Christmas card tricky since I have never felt my current last name truly represents my bigs. I also love to note everyone's age as a point of reference so typically I list names and ages for each. I also, personally, love seeing the changes in my friends' children from year to year so adding individual pics of my own kiddos is something I try to do. I love that it shows a little bit of their personality and their place in the family.

Keeping a good attitude on picture day is so important. My advice is to always expect the unexpected! Keith was delayed leaving work due to a flat tire so after shooting pictures for an hour my very patient photographer posed us and we stood waiting and with the very last bit of light from the day, Keith drove up, threw on the shirt I brought him and we got the perfect shot for our card.

Ummm. Shelly. You really are a queen. We are not ashamed to admit we may have handled that situation a little differently... perhaps like this... 

Sarah got the perfect shots and Nichole pulled them together with the perfect layout to showcase the pictures!

We couldn't agree more! LOVE this card, your style, and your ability to focus on what matters! Thanks for sharing Shelly!

Connect with Shelly:  {Instagram} {Bloglovin} {Pinterest} {Facebook}

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  1. Of course I love this too! Shelly always pulls together a fabulous Christmas card and working with all those schedules is no joke!!!

  2. No kidding! And she's always so put together - it's infuriating! ;)

  3. You girls crack me up! My Christmas card this year will be nothing short of "put together" more like a hodgepodge of thrown together!

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