Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: ALL the Cards

It's FRIDAY y'all! 

And there is only ONE more Friday left in October which means November is almost here. Which clearly means YOU BEST BE GETTING TO PICKING OUT WHAT KIND OF CARD YOU WANT TO SEND. 




So today we are just going to focus on some of our favorite types of cards to help you narrow down your selection. 



Both of the Momma's LOVE love super LOVE the year-in-review infographic that Kristin designed for her family! This works great for anyone. Married/singled/kid/no kids - there is so much to tell and you can do it in such a unique way. Did we mention that we love it?

We also loved this darling chalkboard inspired version with a darling family photo included! You know we love searching Etsy and this one by LNZart is perfect!


What's better than sending one card to family and friends? Well, sending TWO cards of course! But clearly ain't nobody got time for that. You mail cards to spread cheer and give updates, so use this as an opportunity to make a  baby announcement...

let people know you've changed addresses...

or that you're getting MERRIED!


This particular design from CardsEtc is no longer available but I'm sure you can find something similar. **UPDATE - she just added it back to the shop! Wahoo! **

We couldn't stop smiling when we found this picture. How darling are these grandparents surrounded by all of their little grands!

That's just a few of our favorite types of cards!  What kind of card are you sending this year? Anything we should add to the list?

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  1. I really wish I was creative enough to come up with the graphic dashboard for the back of my card...I have been racking my brain with no luck. Love that chalkboard one too. And I totally know the guy in the baby announcement card....sending him a link to this post!

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