Thursday, April 10, 2014

TBT: Seniors Rule and a GIVEAWAY

Now, we couldn't very well do a week about graduation and not embarrass ourselves by showcasing the fashion fail that was the 90s, could we?

Absolutely not...


Let's start from the bottom left, shall we?

1. Yes - I was a Drum Major. Band was pretty amazing at my high school and if I have to brag, we were Back to Back State Champs. And I even went to band camp - specifically DRUM MAJOR CAMP.

2. But it was a 3A HS, so this meant that I was also able to be a cheerleader. Which is a good thing, because what else was I going to do with all that ginormously PERMED hair than puff it up for a Friday night football game?

3. I'm pretty sure this was my last day of school picture from my senior year. So, yes...these have always been "a thing".... it's just Pinterest wasn't around so no one held any crazy sign or personalized tshirt documenting the occasion. We just have to remember. (Can we note that my feet are together but my legs are not touching...)

4. Prom otherwise known as the time I dressed up as I Dream of Jeanie. Because, ladies and gents... those are PANTS that I'm wearing. Yes, pants. My bestie, Jenni, and I went out on a fashion limb and tried the new trend of prom jump suits because (and I quote Jenni from the dressing room) "Look! We can sit down on the floor!!" Because that's a priority. I do still own this. I will never get rid of it and I will also never fit in it again. (Also, it should be noted that I did not go to prom alone... they had all the seniors take a pic alone and one with their date.) (And yes, I feel better that you all know that). (We're all 17 at heart, you know!)

I did take actual senior pictures. And I can see my tilted head, crimped and crunchy hair, giant gold hoop earrings, and navy dress but I can't locate these pics. I also did a few in jeans, a white tshirt and no shoes because I was CRAZY. 

So. We could stop this post here and you would all be filling our comments up with "goodness gracious, Katy. Thank you for the best laugh therapy I have had in years!" But... it gets better because we are teaming up with a local photographer for a GIVEAWAY!!

Jenn Straznicky specializes in Senior Portraits and is offering one lucky reader an awesome prize! Check out some of her awesome work!

Here are the details...

This giveaway is for one lucky Aggie Graduate or a High School Senior (or juniors). The session is an one hour session with two outfit changes at one location. It includes at least 30 edited images from the session on a CD that can be printed up to a 5x7 size. It can be used between now till December of 2014. Prints, albums and announcements are available purchase but not included in the session fee. 

Jenn has a great post about the giveaway today... check that out here!

Like most of our BIG giveaways you can enter several ways... 
1. Like YMM on FB
3. Comment on THIS post
4. Comments on JENN'S post

**You may enter on behalf of a senior**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! We will close the entries on Monday and announce a winner on Tuesday!

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  1. I'm not sure I have a favorite senior memory, but the best times were spent hanging out with friends.

  2. Katy - these pictures are GOLD!

  3. Katy, how did I not know you were a drum major?!?! I went to band camp with my best friend before senior year- it was drum major camp for her, and drumline leadership camp for me...... #glorydays

  4. I love that the hand on the hip and body tilted at the right angle is your pose, must be a classic haha


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