Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Presents Week: BABY!

So, its been three minutes...

Where's the baby?!?

Even if YOU aren't having a baby, odds are someone you know is...

So we present:

$ - Practical: Swaddle Blankets 
Y'all. The Merry Mommas are swaddle moms. Real swaddle moms. Like arms and all. And we are firm believers in it. For us. You do what you want, but we love love love a swaddle. And we love to give swaddle blankets. The ones by Aden + Anais are amazing! Little Merry Millicent just might be still sleeping with hers, at 2+ years of age. And she still just might like a tight tuck in. *might*

$$ - Practical: Baby Carriers
The Merry Mommas are MOMMAS ON THE GO! And we loved both the Moby Wrap and the Baby Bjorn! We think both of these items make for a great gift for your Momma OR Daddy On The Go!

$$$ - Practical: Car Seat/Breast Pump
Okay, so we couldn't pick just one and some moms choose not to breast feed or aren't able too (and that's 100% OKAY! Do what works for you and your family!). Every kid needs a car seat and every mom that breast feeds needs a breast pump. And those things are expensive! Help a family out and if you can give one of these gifts - do it!

$ - Not so practical: Personalized "Stuff"
It's NO secret that the Merry Mommas love things personalized. But we are mature and honest enough to know that it isn't really all that practical. (Collective *gasp* from the audience.) But, it is DARN CUTE! So go ahead, give us personalized gifts...we mean, give personalized gifts to others! Live life on the edge, don't be practical all the time!
(personalized and a swaddle blanket = Merry Momma heaven!)

$$ - Not so practical: Shopping Cart Cover
This shopping cart cover is just too cute, but practical...not really. The first months of a baby's life will be spent in a car seat during his/her trips to Target and by the time the baby can sit up in the grocery cart, you have a diaper bag full of stuff and probably another baby on the way (oh wait, that was just crazy ol' Merry Mommas!) and finding time to find the cover and then actually use it...well, probably isn't happening. Anyway, we love these things and both have them, but if we are being honest (and the MM love honesty) we didn't use them very much.

$$$ - Not so practical: Super High Tech Baby Monitor
We promise we aren't trying to start any mommy wars, but for the both of us, a high priced super fancy baby monitor just wasn't a necessity. Now, if you want to give one - GREAT! We both had your standard $29.99 monitor and it worked, but check out this fancy one and maybe get Aunt Betsy to buy it for you!

$ - Meaningful: Personalized Blocks
Some gifts are just meant to be sent after the birth, like these adorable blocks. Those first few weeks are amazing and wonderful and also - well - SO STINKING HARD. So surprise your friend with a sentimental gift and hold her screaming baby for an hour or so and let her shower and nap!

$$ - Meaningful: Blanket from Bebe
Cindy's mom, affectionately know as Bebe, is a seamstress. And she makes blankets for every baby that is loved on by any member of the Brown family. We're sure that you or someone you know is a seamstress or a knitter or could become one and there is nothing more meaningful than a gift made from the heart! If sewing and needles aren't your style, you could paint something or write a meaningful letter. Basically, any gift that is "Made by You" is an amazing one - make your already emotional friend tear up a bit and get busy making something!
Millicent's coming home blanket made by Bebe!
(told ya, we love love love a swaddle!)

$$$ - Meaningful: Housekeeping Services for a Year
A clean house...is there really anything better? NOPE, is the answer! Can you imagine the look on an expectant mom's face when she opens a gift for housekeeping services for an entire year?? We think the look would be called ELATED! When Your Merry Mailbox hits it big and we get hundreds of thousands of hits a day and are millionaires, we are giving this gift to every expectant momma we know! (And maybe a personalized blanket! ;))

And if your baby is now a senior,
don't forget to enter our giveaway here!

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  1. Howdy Merry Mommas! This is a great list. We used and loved almost everything on it. p.s. I'm sure you will agree, baby doesn't need a ton of toys, they end up multiplying! Totally agree with the house cleaning. I finally had our house cleaned 4 years after baby #1 was born. It would have been a PHENOMENAL gift, even a month! :)

    Here's my list of Unsolicited New Baby Advice http://www.getsnazzy.com/2011/09/baby/ and a fun shower gift - Happy BIRTH Day – New Mom Comfort Kit – Hospital / Birthing Center Bag {FREE PRINTABLE} - http://www.getsnazzy.com/2012/04/birth-day-comfort-kit/

    I love your gift series and celebration of all the holidays and occasions! Keep it up ladies!


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