Friday, September 18, 2015

Card Designers: Friday Favorites

Nichole here. Today we're talking about trends. Honestly, the card should reflect you and your family. I hesitate to steer you in a direction. Pick something you love. There are no right or wrong are my favorite trends this season!

  •  Love a certain color? Focus on a card with just that color's elements. I love how this family chose a pop of read - makes it easy for a card designer to work that into the design. 
  •  Love clean and simple? Look for the focus to be the picture and keep the font clean and simple. Here's one of my designs that does just that. 
  • Love collages? Mix it up with various sizes and even take it up a notch by mixing up B&W and color photos. Here's a great example from 2013. 

  • Had a stellar year with lots of life events? Add some text next to the pictures or use a multi sided card to show off your events

  • Have friends all over the globe? Send a digital card (which can also be an inexpensive way to have a custom design)
It has truly been a pleasure being with you this week. I hope for those of you on the fence about whether or not to partake in the card business, this has dispelled some myths, or pushed you to one side or the other. Having a card that is made just for you is truly a keepsake. A tiny gift you give to friends, families or colleagues. I keep everyone of the cards I make or get in the mail. A great friend of mine gave me a tip to put my cards on binder rings, and I set them out every Christmas on my coffee table for guests to see. It's so much fun to see how families and friends have changed over the years.  In this day and age, it's still nice to get something in the mail!

And to help you get in the spirit, I am offering a  

$50 credit on 

Christmas or New Year's cards! 

 Just enter by letting me know what your favorite card design is below! Winner revealed on MONDAY!

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  1. All the cards are fabulous but the Scott's card is my FAV!

  2. Really hard to choose....I seriously can't wait to turn Nichole loose with mine this year! I think I'd have to go with Scotts card as my fave too.

  3. Love the simplicity of the Nina Cecilia card and that red pop!

  4. I love the card w the updates. Great way to see what everyone gets to do year round!

    1. Hi Erika!! You are the winner! Please email us at to claim your prize!!

  5. I love the grey cards with the boys. Kristin

  6. The Scott family card--love the text on top of the photo!


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