Thursday, November 13, 2014

Transformation Thursday: Live from NY

Merry Momma K here - literally live from NY. This is pretty much my favorite place in the world - even if I'm doing nothing at all but sitting in my hotel room listening to the sounds. It's magical and amazing - especially when the cooler weather is creeping in, the lights of the holidays arrive, and the bright packages and store windows are lit up with all things merry.


Can you imagine your Christmas card being lit up by the sites of New York? Maybe I'll pack up the family one year just for a holiday card... that's not crazy, right? Good.

I mean let's look at the possibilities...

I know, sadly we are not all walking distance from Grand Central Station. Wouldn't that be lovely? (And if you are, then I demand you take that picture. DE-MAND it.) 

You may not be moments away from iconic city scenes, but maybe you are close to gorgeous fields... 

Or the mountains or beach... 

The point of this blog is to inspire you to make things your own. Take these ideas, and give them the spin that makes it you and your family. TRANSFORM these photos to tell your story. Y'all, we are not exaggerating when we tell you we get texts/FB messages/Emails and smoke signals (ok, maybe that one's an exaggeration) from friends/readers/strangers asking us to help them. 

And we love it - but we also give consistent advice to "make it work for YOU!" Do what makes you happy and makes you feel happy. And we take our own advice.

Merry Momma C big fat puffy heart LOVED this picture. She sent me emails and gchats about it. She was PINspired by it. 

And she TRANSFORMED it for the HMMs. 

And it's one of my favorite cards to date that she has sent. Read all about it here.

We would love to see your transformations. Send us links to pins that have inspired you and the card or photo that you transformed so we can share with others!

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  1. Oh how fun it would be to have a Christmas card straight from NYC!! Love the Munson's card take too!


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