Thursday, March 27, 2014

TBT: Easter - 70s Style

Who: Merry Momma Cindy and her big sister Melinda

Where: Olan Mills or a church directory photo session … I'm not sure which one, but CLEARLY it is one or the other.  Or maybe both…did (does) Olan Mills take church directory pictures?

When: Spring 1978

Comments: Brenda CLEARLY was listening to the Merry Mommas way before MMC could talk and MMK was even in existence.  We have on coordinating dresses, but not too matchy matchy. Melinda in a prints, me in a solid.  I like the lace detail too! We have our hair (or lack of hair) styled differently for fun and zest. By the way, that tiny bow (nothing like my kiddos' bows, ha!) is stuck on my head with corn syrup. Also, Melinda's hair is super straight so I know that she had to sleep in sponge rollers the night before these pics! And she got dual use out of the dresses - Easter and pictures.  Good job, Brenda!

And as a tribute to the 1970s and because we always want to make you smile when you read our blog…check this out! Thank us later!

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  1. awwww! Anna looks like you around the eyes Cindy! So fun to see baby pictures!


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