Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter Crafts

Hi friends! We are all friends here, right? Okay, good. By the way, it's Merry Momma Cindy here and I have a confession. I don't really craft. I, mean, yes occasionally I get out some felt and glue or some spray paint and some wooden letters, but a CRAFT CLOSET - NO WAY. Closets are for clothes.

But, I do love watching and helping my kids do crafts and I am sure there is some study out there that says it's good for kids...

SO...for all you non-crafter moms out there like me that get a TAD overwhelmed when you go to Pinterest and type in something like "Easter Crafts", this post is for you.

I picked three (yep, three is plenty) crafts that I think are relativiely fun, easy and don't involve glitter.
(Glitter is from Satan.)

1. Hand and foot prints - Y'all. You can make a hand or foot print look like almost anything. SEE!
 So grab some paint, a few markers and get after it!

2. Easter Basket - Have any extra water bottles laying around? Sassy Dealz has a great use for them - turn them into mini Easter baskets! Every doll, barbie and G.I.Joe in your house will need one.

3. Place Cards - How fun would it be to have an Easter party for your tween/teen. I think most of us think Easter Egg Hunts and parties are mostly for little kiddos, but I bet you lots of tween/teen kids would love to hunt Easter eggs and then sit down for a fun snack and these place card holders from By Stephanie Lynn are cute and don't appear to be too complicated! You and your tween could have some great bonding time making these for the party!

Enjoy crafting!

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  1. I am going to ignore the craft closet comment because I love you and know that you weren't picking on me. At all.


  2. MY closets are for clothes...yours can totally be for crafts! :) Can the girls come over and craft with you? And I do love you!


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