Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WWLW: Readers Listening!

Y'all. We can not tell a lie. 

We love it when people listen to us. 

(That may be because it doesn't happen very often).


We especially love it when you all listen to us...AND TELL US ABOUT IT! Whether it's card displays, talking people into taking pictures, prop selection, or wardrobe help ...

we are THRILLED that this blog is HELPING you! 

A sweet reader, Rachel, sent us this picture

Photo courtesy of Kim Peichel Photography

and said:

I'll tell you what I definitely used your site for - helping my family figure out how to wear outfits for our big family portrait without looking boring or matchy matchy. I was able to use quite a few of the families' portraits from the site to send to my extended family along with a brief outline of what to wear with a color scheme. And I think it turned out really well! There are like 26 people in the picture, so it would never be as perfect as your little family's portrait, but we did ok. Our color scheme was: denim, black, white, gray, burgundy and green.

Even our photographer friends send us texts for the "thumbs up on" wardrobe selection...

(ps. Jenn is THE best! If you are in the DC area and need pics... check her out!)

And our favorite story this season? Well... we love it!

Merry Momma K got a text the day of this post

All it said was 
"Matchy matchy and really bold. Rethinking."

With the top picture attached.

And while the sweet girls that would be wearing those clothes would make any picture beautiful, what thrills us the most is that we encouraged Momma A to try something new! And the results? Well... she hit it out of the park!!!!

Let's check out our winning wardrobe check list....

Then we talked layers, tight colors, shoe selection and went back and forth until she felt it was "right"!

And the results....

You should see the actual card... AMAZING!


We don't love when you listen because we think we are awesome.

We love when you "listen" because that's the purpose of this blog. It is WHY we started this. 

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas cards. We LOVE LOVE LOVE designing and creating them and especially that right now when 100s come into our little mailbox. We have searched high and low for a comprehensive place for inspiration and really couldn't find one... so we created one.

And we make that promise to you. To bring you inspiration, ideas, charming examples, and lots more that will make your mailbox merry all year long.

So thank you. For visiting us every day. For reading. For listening...and for trusting us! Y'all are the best!!

And... because we LOVE you so much... we present...

Today we are partnering with

Chelsy is giving away three custom bows to one lucky winner. 
(Do we need to remind you of the importance of hair flair?)

Check out some of her darling work...

and if those don't convince you, then check out her Facebook page for even more!!!

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  1. Love you highlighting how people are using your blog. You all are very talented women and inspire me everyday, not just with Christmas cards and photos, but with life. I love you both!

  2. Those bows are adorable and would be so cute on my girls! Love the grey with blue polka dots!

  3. Precious BOWS for my girls!! Love the grey!

  4. The bows are so cute, and I love that you are giving us so much valuable information on the blog. All the cute cards are a plus too! :)

  5. Love the pics and ideas and love Sweet Peas and Kisses bows!!

  6. Congrats on all the beautiful cards! Mine have just arrived in the mail (thanks for helping me convince Nick cards are a great idea!).


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