Friday, December 13, 2013

Fantastical Friday!

It's Friday and today we have something FANTASTIC for you!

Who: Lyla Bergeron

Props: Carousel horse, lights, ornaments

Location: Pinkle Toes Studio

Clothes: Dress - Tutu Du Monde; Head piece - custom by her momma; Boots - Joyfolie; Tights - Target

Comments: It's probably a Christmas miracle...and probably the Merry Mommas and Michele from Pinkle Toes doing that I actually have my card together in time for the holidays...that never happens! I had this *gorgeous* dress in mind for the session as soon as I saw the set -- I knew something in the same tonal range (silver, white, cream, gold) would be the safer choice but I am not one to play it safe so I went with the unexpected pop of blue! And it's mighty lovely...and the headpiece/crown I wired together on the way up to Michele's studio was the perfect touch for Lyla's curly golden locks too! :)

Designer: Chantal Bergeron of Whimsy and Style Photography (Lyla's momma!)

Photographer: Pinkle Toes (Austin photographer)

Favorite Thing: Aside from my dear girl - the carousel horse of course! I can't hide the fact that I love a good prop (and my garage...errr prop warehouse...certainly can't either!)

One thing I should mention -- it's kind of hard to name a designer for the card sometimes...I always use templates from Bird Design but I modify them heavily (change colors, number of photos, shapes of photos, necessary to best fit the card).


Katy's Thoughts: My thoughts are "why did I not know about Tutu Du Monde?" :) This card screams fantastical to me - just wonderment and joy and all things Christmas magic! Almost as if a Santa's toy shop came to life!! And I am loving all the glittery touches on cards this year!

Cindy's Thoughts: All that glitters is GOLD!  I am loving the gold glitter on the card and the gold accents in the photographs -so fun!  I also love those curly golden locks!  And Tutu Du Monde...wanna sponsor the Munson's 2014 card?


How can you recreate this card? Use your imagination! Do something extraordinary - and let the focus be on the kiddos! There is just something about seeing the wonder of the season through a child's eyes and allowing the focus to be on them can take some stress away from you when trying to get everything together for pictures! 

Get PINspired:
  1. This card reminds us of Merry Momma K's carnival card from 2011 - and if you remember, we already have a whole board dedicated to carnivals and fairs
  2. Carousels can add to the picture even if the baby isn't actually riding!
  3. Carousels also make a great spot for engagement shoots** we should warn you - when searching "carousel photoshoots" on pinterest - interesting images pop up**
  4. Now - we can not tell a lie - glitter is not our favorite. But only in the "three dimensional, my kids came home with glitter art projects and now it is everywhere" variety. We are LOVING the glittery fonts and additions to cards! This navy and gold combo is super fun! The sweet addition to this dual purpose card is darling! And this card is awesome
  5. We love the added fun of the ornaments too!

See? We told you that this was a fantastic Friday?! And you know what would make it even more FANTASTIC....

That's right! An AMAZING give away!

Today, we are once again teaming up with the talented Chantal Bergerson of 

We have already worked with Chantal once on our Ultimate Christmas Card Giveaway and we are so excited for what she has in store for you!

But first, let us remind you of how fantastic her work is...

For even more images, click here!

And NOW let us tell you about the FANTASTIC prize...

The “Tomorrow” session (Retail value: $1028.37):

For so long we've stored our memories, and told our stories via still images. But your life isn't still...and your children certainly aren't why are we limiting ourselves to still portraiture? Still images provide amazing and highly rewarding artwork for your walls and for sharing on Facebook....but when all is said and done it's video that preserves your memories and tells your story best...'cause your kiddos move...they laugh, they hug, they toddle, they squirm...and video captures all these things. Beautiful video is increasingly going to be the way of preserving your family's memories. Why not have tomorrow's session today?

The “Tommorrow” session includes:
·      A 2+ hour video and photo session
·      At least 20 digital images printable to 8x10 (perfect for Facebook sharing and desk/gift prints) with a personal-use release
·      A beautifully edited 2-3 minute family video
·      The option of purchasing larger wall galleries as archival artwork for your walls or of upgrading to digital files printable to any size if you'd like to take the DIY route and design your own wall gallery

This session does full justice to your memories, your artwork, AND your web sharing needs!

Session must be scheduled to be held between December 2013 and March 2014

We'd say that this is fabulously fantastic! We'd also say that you should enter NOW....

(Couple of friendly reminders: You may only win once during the 12 Days of Merry and Rafflecopter will not allow you to enter on an iPhone.)


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  1. In love with that gold glitter Christmas card!

  2. I love the gold glitter and looked at that idea for our cards this year! What a great giveaway...I would have to review all the great tips from the Merry Momas! :)

  3. I LOVE the carousel horse.... I think it captures the joy of a little girl!

  4. I'm loving all the natural light photos! Such a great look!

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL card! What a FANTASTIC giveaway! I would LOVE to capture my girls playing together! They are at such great ages (5 and 7 months) and I enjoy them playing and LAUGHING together every night and always forget to pull out the camera. I would love to capture their pure JOY.

  6. While I live a bit to the north, I'd be willing to bring the whole family to Texas for such an adventure. I'd love to capture their faces in the great state of Texas.

  7. These giveaways have been great but this one may be the best! Also a really creative way to those unforeseen wiggle moments!

  8. Oh my, I love the design, card the whole thing!

  9. Tutus....need I say more?! Beautiful card & picture....

  10. This would be perfect for Sophia's first birthday!

  11. Love Chantal! and yall of course! AND her card...i chose gold too! :)

  12. I'd love a great Springtime family session in a country pasture!

  13. LOVE Chantal, the Merry Mommas! Love the glitter so much that it is on my card too! :)

  14. I would love to see something that incorporates my kids painting or doing some kind of art!

  15. I love Whimsy & Style and would love to win a photo shoot for my little cupcake!! - Becky

  16. Love the photo, love Whimsy & Style!!

  17. Wow what a great giveaway! I'd love a "boys and their messes" kind of card. It's something I'm thinking about for next year with my brood. ;)

  18. I love the scene...The blue and gold really pops especially with the glitter and lighting...pretty!

  19. I would want to do something showing how much fun we try to have as a family. I'm thinking lots of sunshine, the great outdoors, and some kind of rocking outfit for Emmarie (of course).

  20. I would love to capture my children in their own little worlds, just playing, using their imaginations.

  21. I'd love to do a session of sibling love with our newest addition to the family in the mix. I love everything you do so candy, tutus, flowers, downtown bryan... metal bed in the middle of a field :)

  22. I was actually just telling my husband that when our son is a little older I would love to do a photo session of him playing in a field with his dog (because I know when he's older they're going to be best friends). Seeing this in a "Tomorrow" session would be approximately 10,000 times cooler.

  23. It would be amazing for the tomorrow session to capture a family get together! All the energy and laughter and love involved would make the perfect flawless memory.

  24. Pick me this would be awesome. The more pics of Stella the better as far as I'm concerned!

  25. My boys don't stay still for anything so this would be a great way to capture them!


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