Thursday, December 12, 2013

TBT: JOY from Craft Cuts

Happy #TBT friends!

Do y'all remember this card?

We blogged about it way back in September.

When we were brainstorming about the 12 Days of Merry, we discussed calling Craft Cuts.  We weren't super optimistic.  (Just being real here.) They are this huge company and we are, well just a couple of moms that love to blog about Christmas cards.  BUT. Y'all.  They were super nice and called us back immediately and said, "Yes, we'd love to participate!"

So, for the

We proudly introduce

They have great stuff...not just JOY letters!

One of their most pinned pins is this cork ampersand, isn't that cool!
They even give a tutorial on how to make it!

Remember our Naughty or Nice cards?
Craft Cuts can help you make your own version of Naughty or Nice!

 Craft Cuts has lots of ways to do a monogram.
Wouldn't this be a darling alternative to the traditional wreath!

While the Merry Mommas {CLEARLY} love a Christmas card,
we also love spreading the MERRY all throughout the year.
We would absolutely be giddy if we received this Valentine's card!
It spreads the LOVE!
And love is actually all around!
(Name that movie?!? :))
Craft Cuts is spreading the MERRY by giving away $30!
Thanks so much Craft Cuts!

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  1. Love the Craft cut outs. So when you have two kids, are writting a dissertation, have a job and a husband with two jobs you spend a lot less time learning where these things come from...I love cards and photos I see with them, but honestly had no idea there was a company! makes sense when I think about it.

  2. So cute! Love the monogrammed wreath!

  3. This was one of my favorite of your Christmas cards! (so hard to declare a fave). Little Millie in the "O"....oh my!

  4. Of all the Merry give-aways, this may be my fav so far!!! I hope Rafflecopter chooses me!!!

  5. Love everything about this card! Super cute family!


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