Monday, July 13, 2015

Because it's Christmas (in July)...

And we would never tell a lie at Christmas! We are back and more excited than we have ever been about sharing the merry with all of you! Get ready for new cards, new ideas, new giveaways, and new bloggers with the same old fun, honesty and tell-it-like-it-is wit you can expect from us. 

You really can never underestimate the effect of a good ol' card at Christmas... even if it's hand written on poster board. ;)

In order for us to SHARE all this Merry! We need help from YOU!! Email us your cards at yourmerrymailbox {at} gmail {dot} com with the following information:

WhoYou may use your real names if you wish, or you can use things like Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter or even nicknames! We respect your anonymity.

LocationPlace and city where the picture was take.

PropsWhat did you use? Were they purchased? If so, where? Let us know if you made them, too!

ClothesList of stores where you purchased the clothing (please include html links)

CommentsAny additional comments about the card, for example you may state where you got your inspiration or why you chose a certain color scheme or the meaning behind your message. Did you use a bible verse or quote? What is the significance? Include any details you think our readers would enjoy!

DesignerWho designed the card? (please include html links if applicable)

PhotographerName and Website

Favorite ThingWhat is YOUR favorite thing about your card??

BlogDo you have a blog? If so we would love to share!

And we aren't the only ones sharing the merry this week - Check out our friends over at The Dish BCS for their first annual Christmas in July Giveaway series! 

For the next two weeks you can find us dishing on some of our favorite topics as you prep for those cards all while they DISH OUT the goodies!!! You will definitely want to follow along! Today's giveaway is an exclusive spot for Amber Janine Photography Mini Shoot - head over to The Dish for details. 

Again...thank you so much for sharing the merry! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

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  1. LOVE that you guys have started back up! Can't wait to follow along (and get some fabulous ideas!).

    1. Thanks, Holly! We love doing this blog and we appreciate you helping us share the merry!

  2. THE WORLD IS A MUCH BETTER PLACE WITH YOUR MERRY IN IT!!!!! Welcome back ladies. And Happy Belated to Cindy!

    Stephanie @

    1. Thanks for joining us in sharing the merry!! :)


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