Thursday, July 23, 2015

If I had $100...

Y'all. You may have heard but Nordstrom is having their annual sale, like, RIGHT NOW. Which means tons of amazing items are super cheap(ish)! Which means you can get started on that Christmas shopping NOW and save money. 

Which means you will be super excited about today's Christmas in July giveaway with our buddies at the Dish. 

We are so excited that we aren't even going to make you read a long post. We are just telling you that Revelry is giving away $100 to Nordstrom! 

(Ok, that's a lie. Not the giveaway, the post writing. I'm visiting my MaMaw and she's strictly wifi free. This post is coming at ya live from my iPhone.) 

(Adding links from a phone is impossible. Up your game, blogger.) 

But, y'all. $100 to NORDSTROM! Head on over to to enter! And happy Friday!

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