Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hi friends! As you probably could have assumed...we LOVE blogs! We love them A LOT! We like to write them and we like to read them. (maybe to a fault...anyway) Some of the blogs we follow do a Friday Favorites Link Up Party and we'd thought we'd join them!

So, if you are a new reader from the link up - WELCOME!
And for our long time faithful followers, THANKS for your ongoing love!

Now...onto our faves!

1. This Store
Why you ask? THEY HAVE CHRISTMAS STUFF OUT IN JULY! What's not to love about them! Even our kiddos agree!

2. Which leads us to this phrase - "Christmas in July!" Those marketing folks are just plan smart! I mean...they get us thinking about Christmas in July! The Merry Mommas think you should start thinking about your 2015 Christmas Card. In fact, we'd love to see your 2014 card and we can help you have a stress free 2015 card. Also, the phrase Christmas in July has us thinking about making our shopping lists. And we love shopping! Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale starts today (#duh) and there are a couple of things we think would look great in your Christmas Card!

Y'all...animal print is always in style and adds such a fun pop!

Plaid is HUGE this year, HUGE! Get some plaid!

Now, we don't really recommend wearing a bag in your Christmas card photos, but you will need something cute to carry them to the post office in and this is a WINNER!

3. And how can we forget our partners in all this giveaway fun for Christmas in July?

Y'all. It was started by two friends - Stephanie and Samantha (sound familiar!?!) to help out those of us that live in the BCS area. It has everything from advice on day cares to the trendiest brunch spot. Add their blog to your daily reading list. Be sure to stop by today...for some insight into their Friday Favorites and the big reveal for today's giveways (that may or may not include, crafting, mermaids and BBQ... what can we say... we like variety!)

4. And then of course this picture!
Because **SPOILER** it seriously may be our Christmas card!

What do y'all think??

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