Monday, January 13, 2014

We're baaaack...

Hello there!!!

How have you been? It feels like forever since we've last spoken. Don't be offended. The Mommas did not see or speak to each other for longer than 5 minutes for 20 days. That has never happened.

But, we are back now and so ready to get this year started off in the merriest way possible. We had two MAJOR brainstorming/planning/catch up sessions last week and are so excited about what is coming up.

You should know that we won't be featuring only Christmas cards. Don't get us wrong... we LOVE that time of year (ehm, clearly). But we also want your mailbox to look like this...


So we have some things up our sleeves. What to expect? Any and everything! 

*** We will introduce you to the Mommas' Most Wanted...
*** Show you how YMM has helped our readers in big and small ways
*** Highlight some other {love}ly holidays
*** Invite some lucky readers to be guest pinners over at our Pinterest board
*** Get personal about a few things

And most of all...


 photo YourMerryMailboxSignature_zps6126bec3.png

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