Monday, January 20, 2014

No monkey about it...

We're friends, right?


And since we are friends, we can tell each other the truth, right?


Well... Valentine's Day isn't really a favorite of Merry Momma K. (Kind of like Halloween). I think the idea behind it has potential, but we don't really buy into it that much.

However, that doesn't mean that we can't spread the love to those near and dear. Valentine's Day is 25 days away so we wanted to give you some ideas on simple ways to share the merry.

The last time we mailed cards to friends was in 2011...

Sarah took this picture as part of Emmy's 6 month photoshoot which was in December. Emmy's shirt had a christmas tree applique that Sarah removed and she turned the photo to black and white and made two different versions of the card (blue/green and pink/orange). 

Simple and sweet. 

You don't have to go crazy or break your bank to make the mailboxes of those you know burst with happiness!

We found this awesome blog that has adorable card designs for only $20.

Or if you don't want to spend money on a design, then check out or design go-to: PicMonkey. Think you can't create something... think again. It is so simple and they have tons of FREE options that you can use. We have the "royal" membership which is about $20/year. 

Step one:
Select a picture - this is one from my phone:

Step 2:
Upload to picmonkey using the "edit a photo" option.

Step 3:
Crop picture according to your preference - I selected 5x7

Step 4:
Select the "themes" option and then select "sweethearts"

Step 5:
You can pick from lots of options - silly faces, photo effects, flowers, etc... I chose "heart overlay" to frame just the faces of the kids...

Step 6: 
Add the finishing touches. I just added a banner and used a cute font and it's ready to send! 

No go spread the LOVE and the merry!

 photo YourMerryMailboxSignature_zps6126bec3.png

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