Monday, December 16, 2013

Old Army Says Merry Christmas!

Happy Monday, friends!

We are so excited to feature a card from the owners of Old Army Spirit Company!


Who: Randy, Jessica and Ainsley Horvath

Location: George Bush Library, College Station, Texas

Props: No props were used in the Christmas card photos, but we did use props in the photo shoot - a fun chair, a bucket, chalk, bubbles and the wild flowers on the grounds of the library.

Clothing: Ainsley's dress came from Kohl's and we shopped our closets.

Designer: Randy designed the card using Walgreens.

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing: Ainsley's hair do!

Katy's Thoughts: Nothing beats the look on a kiddos face when they are genuinely happy and Miss Ainsley looks elated in her parents arms! Love!

Cindy's Thoughts: I agree with Jessica - Ainsley's hair is TO DIE FOR!  Love that braid!  So very Katniss Everdeen! And I love the tiny smirk on Ainsley's face in the middle picture!  


How can you recreate this card?  Call your favorite beautician and tell her/him you want a Katniss braid - it is the rage!  Also, plaid photographs so well when the other subjects are in less busy patterns.  And plaid is just fun!

Get PINspired:
  1. Little girls and big girls can wear the braid.
  2. Famous girls wear it too!
  3. And if you are one that likes to make things your own, do something like this!
  4. Mad about plaid! This card is about as cute as can be!
  5. Dad can rock the plaid too!
  6. We love how this card incorporates plaid in the design and in the clothing.
  7. Don't want to wear plaid, but like the look?  Use the card design to add that plaid pop.  We love this vintage card and this simple card it pretty stinking cute!
  8. Are you madly in love with plaid?
  9. And we wouldn't recommend this look for everyone, but this family pulls it off...kinda!

Not only did the owners of Old Army Spirit Company allow us to feature their fun family - they are also the sponsor's of today's giveaway! If you didn't know, Old Army Spirit Company is your headquarters for Aggie and Greek gear! 

So, the Merry Mommas of Your Merry Mailbox proudly present

Featuring a chance to win this super cute and chic magnetic Texas A&M memo board and magnets, valued at $60!

Good luck!

(And don't and your household may only win once during the 12 Days of Merry Giveaway and you can't enter via Rafflecopter on your iPhone.)

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  1. Awesome board! My favorite thing... running into a 'stranger', seeing their aggie ring and instantly having a connection and 1,000 things to talk about!

  2. Honestly, my favorite thing about A&M is the people!


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