Monday, December 23, 2013

Home for the Holidays

Who: We 5 Kings

Location: Field by our home (top) and the treehouse in our backyard (bottom)

Props: Blanket, s'mores goodies, hot chocolate, treehouse 

Clothes: Ryan's sweater - Next Direct, Emmy's dress - Next Direct, Landry's dress - Next Direct, Girls' tights - Next Direct, Radley - shopped his closet, Katy - Head to toe Target

Comments: I wanted our color pallet to blend, so I intentionally ordered everything from Next waayyyyyy back in August. (You say crazy, I say prepared). ;) This was the original layout:

Which is a little "blah" and the sweater I ordered for me fit horribly. Radley's shirt was adorable, but the blues were off. SO, then I ordered a dress from ModCloth for me (that I LOVE) but Cindy was a great bestie and told me the hard truth that it just didn't work for this set up. (See... everyone needs THAT person) So I went shopping for me and ended up with an unexpected pop of yellow {again} so I switched Rad to make our picture more warm and flow better. But we also made sure that he and I weren't "stacked" at any point. 

Designer: Me with my bestie PicMonkey! This is seriously a great tool for when you need to make cards, picture collages, or even tiny edits of your own!

As an aside - it was not the original plan for me to design this card. The Mommas may look like we have it all together, but y'all... I was a ginormous mess this year. Long story short - last minute, down to the wire, ball of not-so-merry Momma was me. :)

Photographer: The one and only Mrs. Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing: The shoot turned out exactly how we wanted it - a reflection of us in our home. I had been planning to use the treehouse as our backdrop for this year's card since the boys (Ryan, Pete, and Pops) starting building it in September 2012(!) and I am thrilled with how it turned out. We actually sent two versions in the mail bc we couldn't pick a favorite family picture. The day of this shoot as we were putting the kids to bed Radley said, "that's the most fun I've had taking pictures, Momma" and it was true! (Although Emmy said, "but they weren't just of me" #diva)

Extra: We always send a letter to accompany our card, and highlight our year according to scripture. However, this year I was PINspired by our "mini newsletter" post and decided to give it a go myself and I LOVED how it turned out. I was able to add a few more pics in that didn't make the card and do something unexpected, too. We still included scripture and chose two verses that reflected our theme and the season!

Blog: The Queen of the Kings (click that link for a view of the entire photo shoot!!)


Katy's Thoughts: That's a pretty adorable looking family :). 

Cindy's Thoughts: Well, it is safe to assume that you all know Merry Momma Katy is my bestie and so I love everything about this card. And of course I love the color pallet (I may have seen these clothes a couple of times before I got the actual card in the mail as we discussed lots of options). And of course I love the tree house, s'mores and warm fire. But what I love most about the card is how much it reflects the Kings. Their HOME is just what this card reflects. It is warm and cozy and welcoming. The door is always open, there is always something yummy to eat and a kind a sweet face to greet you. And that's what this blog is about. Yes, we love a good prop and some fancy clothes, but what we love most about it is how each card reflects its sender and spreads the MERRY!


How can you recreate this card? We love the idea of family photos that are in your element. Bundle up everyone in your favorite spot on the couch. Do you host game nights - then do a life style shoot with everyone going head to head. Props and set ups and themed shoots are great - but NEVER be afraid to just be you!

Get PINspired:
  1. Thinking about getting cozy by the campfire? We LOVE it - this family set up a tent. Love the added fun this bunting adds to the scene. This family is also good with sharing the s'mores!
  2. There are TONS of mini-newsletter templates... check out our entire board!
  3. Two words: Messy pigtails
  4. I am slightly obsessed with Radley's hair these days. Boys can also rock long locks!
  5. And let's discuss his puffy vest. Yep. OB-SESSED! We pinned a few more on our Getting Merry - Toddler Boys Clothes board, but this one is our favorite!
  6. And - if you are inspired to build a treehouse - check this out. (!) We LOVE this one!

So... now it's time to start planning for 2014! The first thing to do is pick a fabulous photographer and ONE lucky reader already has that taken care of!!!!


Thanks to everyone that entered! We (including Sarah) are so overwhelmed with your response!!

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  1. I love the mini-newsletter! I am inspired to do one for our family next year!!


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