Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WWLW: Props

Most of the texts/FB messages/pigeon delivery questions we get about cards are people wanting new ideas. Color of clothes, location, and one of our favorites - PROPS! Now don't get us wrong - we love a family picture where everyone is looking at the camera and the only "prop" is the beautiful family and the scenery. Classic, beautiful, simple. Yes.

BUT, we also love the interest and the fun that props can bring to a photo. Props can help with spacing and height, they can actually make taking the picture FUN for the kiddos and they set a scene for a memory in the making. We aren't talking crazy stuff today -  just a subtle addition will do. (We'll talk crazy in a few weeks!) ;)

Chalkboards are fantastic because, well, you can send any message you want. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, We're having a baby, We're getting married, etc. Let those creative juices flow!  We even found a place that does CHALKBOARD PHOTO BOOTHS! Y'all. AMAZING.
(Seriously, we want in on this. If you want to go halvsies, lets do it. I mean the probability that we send cards to the same people is slim.)

Blankets are a fantastic pop of color and can be used in so many ways. (They also protect that booty from itchy grass (which is great for people with allergies, ehmm.... Emmy) weird critters and soggy ground). You can use them to bundle up in the cold, have a picnic when it's warm or just be super fun and oh-so-adorable like that family with the parachute. Seriously. Blankets are awesome.

And can we just say if any of you are expecting a baby around Christmas - go ahead and make this your announcement. We added the perfect phrase to convince you.

Trucks. Trucks. Trucks. First of all - I just want one. Like for real. We passed one on the highway the other day and I told Radley - "hey buddy, want to get me a present?" Like a good boy he said, "Yes, momma." I said, "Go ahead and buy me a truck like that but I want it to be pink with five gold crowns painted on the back and a wooden tailgate." "Ok!" was his reply. #soifyouknowaguy

Anyway - they are awesome. You can sit in the truck, by the truck, on top  of the truck. You can add blankets (!), wreaths, trees, lights and words. I mean. Amazing. And sometimes, if you're lucky and you are shooting at a brake place, they will be working on an old truck and just let you use it for funsies...

We hit the jackpot. Seriously, one of my favorite shoots with Sarah!

One thing we love so much about props is that they are normally just laying around - or super inexpensive. I mean HobLob has $.99 chalkboards these days! And blankets - easy! But in case you don't just have a vintage truck laying around - have no fear - we have you covered! Your Merry Mailbox and The Dish are teaming up with Lauren Melissari for another AWESOME mini session! Available dates are below - if you are interested then hurry up and grab a space!

WHEN: September 4th, 5th, 6th & 11th, 12th, 13th
WHERE: Bryan-College Station, TX

COST: Clients can select from 3 different packages;
8 Images – $175
5 Images – $150
3 Images – $125

*Sessions will be 15 minutes long.

* Limited to 1 family per session fee. Please purchase an additional time slot for any grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends wanting to participate in the session.

* In the event of poor weather, you will be notified of a re-schedule date.

Winner should contact Lauren directly!

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  1. Love these props! Nothing better than a good prop in your family christmas pics! i'd love to do a christmas scene with the red truck :)

  2. what wonderful ideas for photo props and your photo's are beautiful!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  3. Chalkboards are definitely a great one, so versatile for pictures! And I agree about trucks, they always look so beautiful in family photos!

    1. We agree - if only there was room in my garage!

  4. I love all these ideas. I've taken photos of my little cousin in his dad's old Chevy, but that Aggie maroon truck is a heart stopper! I am a sucker for going on mini trips and using something iconic in the scenery as a prop. I love the idea of a Christmas tree farm too!

    1. If only we had an awesome Christmas tree farm here! The problem is the weather is so stinking hot that we'd die of a heat stroke setting the stage! Ha!

  5. Love old trucks and blankets! So perfect. I really always feel at a loss having the Bigs & Littles....but I think a truck would definitely work. Totally remember seeing Radley's 4 year old shoot...presh!

    1. A truck would be perfect! Wonder how we could work in purple and maroon... :)

  6. Wish you were a little closer to me (I'm in NC) I love your photos and ideas for photo props! Thanks for sharing =)

    1. The great thing about the interwebs is we are all just a click away! Thanks for visiting - come back soon! :)

  7. Perfect ideas, and your pictures are gorgeous! I sell body products, and i think i may use the chalkboard idea for my product photos. Thanks!

    1. So glad we could help! Hope you stop by again!


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