Monday, July 20, 2015

Christmas in July: The {MOMMA} to do...

Are you LOVING all of this Christmas in July fun? We are, too and are so excited about today's giveaway so let's just get straight to the point.

We are talking "to do" lists today - as in things to do NOW for the holidays.

We all know they are coming - the dates stay the same every year, so why do we get so stressed every stinking year? We wrote all about general to do's over at The Dish today. Things like setting a budget, planning gifts, sorting out your address list, and making plans for where you will actually spend your time. To get the full details, make sure to head over there.

We are going to spend a little time focusing on our fellow Merry Mommas - because you are (more than likely) the mastermind behind that card... we want to start with you!  Here are top "to dos" for each one of you...

Be you.

Pick a style of clothing that is comfortable for you. Real smiles aren't going to happen if you are worried about something fitting, a color being flattering, or what your arms are going to look like in that sleeveless dress (wait, that's me.) You know what you like -  so just be you. Don't get us wrong, being trendy is awesome, but being YOU is what matters. And we think you are pretty great. (This is coming from the person that has worn or used mustard yellow in 3 of the last 4 years of pics. Be you.)

Do what you can afford.

It would be lovely if everyone that took family pictures purchased their clothes from Persnickety/JCrew/Nordstrom with Tori Burch shoes for Mom and Joyfolie on the feet of our littles. But. That ain't gonna happen. (at least not for us) AND THAT'S OK. Do what makes sense for you and your family. That includes picking a photographer, gathering props, using a designer, and printing. Don't go all crazy. 

Here are three examples of peasant tops (why I picked peasant top, I have no idea... maybe a look at what's to come) at three price points. And unless I plan on living in that one on the left, the other two look just fine to me!

Get organized. 

Don't wait to the last minute - this really just creates more stress than you may already be feeling. If you need a couple of hours to go shopping, gather props, make accessories, etc... then take the time - even if you need to get a babysitter - take the time! And give yourself EXTRA time if you are ordering clothes online because you may need to send something back if it doesn't fit.

Treat this as a treat. 

Seriously - take the time to pamper yourself! Get your nails done, your hair cut, your eyebrows waxed! It takes a lot of effort to run a household on top of everything else you have going on... the holidays are stressful, no matter how much you plan, budget, and organize - so in between all the hustle and bustle, take time for yourself! And don't feel guilty about it!

And, you are in luck because we have two things to throw your way to help with items on this list.... Thanks to Root's Boutique we have $40 for one lucky reader to claim to find something that is perfect for YOU! Check out some of their newest items....

And we are super serious about that last one.. PAMPER YOURSELF! And thanks to our friends at Galleria Day Spa, we are giving away a facial to one lucky reader to just that! All you have to do is follow the directions below!

What are you waiting for? Enter below...

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  1. Seriously your carnival Christmas card was one of my all time faves! This is great advice! Last year was one of the very first years I totally applied that rule and I really think I was happiest with how I looked in the pictures.

    1. I'm kind of thinking we need to do another shoot with Landry outside my tummy!

  2. Stress free holidays are hard, but limiting whar I say "yes" to really helps! Kristin

  3. This is totally motivating me to start planning now for this holiday season! Hopefully it makes for a far less stressful (and expensive) time!

    1. Glad we could help! Keep swinging by for more fun (and hopefully helpful) tips!

  4. I love all this, and can testify that while others may think you're nutty planning Christmas cards in June/July, you can save major money on outfits that way! I decided on our color scheme in March, and last month I popped in to Gymboree's clearance and found a beautiful, really nice sweater for my son ($8! Cable knit! With a big wooden button!) and a gorgeous plaid wool sweater ($5, Y'all. Normally $35!) and some matching shoes ($12), then I found a tank on clearance at Justice for about $5 to match (which will work perfectly with a shrug she already has). So I just need pants for my son and tights for my daughter, which means we're basically done and will come in under $50 for both of them to be "dressed up" and then we have outfits for Christmas too. I'm scouting the clearance sales online at all my favorite kids stores! LOVE IT!

    1. Ummmm. 1. You are speaking OUR love language. 2. YOU NEED TO WRITE A GUEST POST! This is awesome!

  5. I love all your tips! (actually, I'm just glad I have a partner in crime - so fun to find someone to talk with this stuff about without people thinking you are cray cray!) :)

    1. We love it, too, Holly! Keep sending ideas our way!


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