Friday, December 6, 2013

Cookie Christmas and Photo Friday

Christmas really isn't complete without cookies. Just ask Megan and Maleigh...

Who: Megan, Maleigh (4)

Location: Home Kitchen

Props: Cookie Ingredients (heavy on the flour!), aprons, mixer, etc. (Cleaning supplies to clean up all the flour-- I mean but cute pictures are worth it, right?) 

Clothes:  Sweaters: Gap Kids (including mom's), Black Pants, Red tights, Tulle bow, Aprons (hand made by grandma!)  

Comments: The flour bomb (and accompanying flour EVERYWHERE) was a complete accident! Megan (the mom) and I (Meg, the photog) were flipping though a few of the pictures on my camera and Maleigh took the photoshoot into her own hands! 

Photographer & Designer: Meg Cady Photography 

Favorite Thing: Each picture shows such a different side of Maleigh's personality or Megan and Maleigh's relationship! 

Katy's Thoughts: I think this card captures the spirit of Christmas. FUN! That middle picture of Maleigh reminds me so much of Merry Little E and all the energy and joy she brings to our days and this card and these images are the perfect way to spread the magic this season! 

Cindy's Thoughts: Y'all.  Mad props to Megan...she wins MOTY (mother of the year) in my opinion.  I am not into mess.   I know, I know I have three little girls and I should let them get messy...and I do (sometimes).  Anyway...this card is just a hoot!  It automatically makes me think about making cookies and all that traditions that my family participates in during the holidays and I love that.  I love cards that make you think, reflect and then smile.  Cards spreading the MERRY.  It's awesome!

How can you recreate this card? Have fun, be silly, and don't be afraid to do something different! Let your kids be kids. Throw away the rules and just see the results! :) (Says the women with a tiny bit of control issues.) 

Get PINspired:

  1. Remember this card from Merry Momma K? Do something unexpected!
  2. Cookies and Christmas just go together! Try something like this, this or this for a fun lifestyle shoot!
  3. Cookies would also be cute to use for a special announcement at Christmas. 
  4. And, well, if we looked like Kate while baking... we would definitely send this card. 
  5. There is just something about mothers and daughters. Just click here, here and here for proof!
And if that doesn't inspire you enough, then get ready for...
Because today we have a MAJOR treat. Meg is giving away a 1.5 hour portrait shoot in the Houston/College Station area with a disk and image rights to 40-50 HQ edited photos.

Y'all. This is HUGE!

Meg is one of Merry Momma K's former students/current friends. She is precious, creative, fun and has killer style. (Check out her personal blog here.)  

Check out how fun her work is!!!

You don't want to miss out on this one - enter to win even if you are reading from Dallas, Austin, or in between! Totally worth the drive!

We told you that these 12 Days would be full of MERRY! 

** Don't forget - you may only win ONCE during the 12 Days, so if you are already a winner, please don't enter.**

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  1. This is a fabulous giveaway today! Way to go YMM!

  2. I can't even imagine the mess my boys would make if given the opportunity!

  3. Hmmm...a former student - I think a beautiful talent. What a gifted I for style.

  4. Funny that Merry Momma C doesn't like a mess...considering she's the HMM Momma! Haha, love this card

  5. What a priceless way to capture a childhood memory! I love creative ideas

  6. Yay this would be a fun birthday present :)

  7. One of my favorite Christmas cards ever was centered around baking! SWEETmemories!

  8. Even photographers need a photographer every once in a while :)


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